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Enterprise Storage Systems. High Availability. High performance. Highly Scalable,  and High reliability Cluster Nodes with Remote Access Security features, for safe remote client access and data transfer from any location worldwide!

Cepoint's High performance, high availability enterprise storage raid systems are highly scalable, with Remote IP security rich features and optimization for total Information Life cycle Management (ILM), Regulatory compliance, easy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) reliable Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery features makes this systems industry's most requested Enterprise Storage RAID systems.

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Meeting Regulatory Compliance in a challenging  and very competitive Industry is essential to today's business growth, while meeting and conforming with various agency and regulatory requirements can not be accomplished without a well planned and integrated Enterprise data center solutions.

Conforming with Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance  Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act for example, requires companies to certify that they have internal controls in place to ensuring the accuracy and veracity of financial reporting and a safe data retention for a certain minimum of years. Included in this reporting requirement are internal controls related to records management and storage, and disaster recovery plans. Managing data retention and storage is an important part of meeting these requirements and poses a particular challenge for corporate executives responsible for establishing and maintaining the internal controls, personally assessing them and publicly disclosing their effectiveness without compromising data and information security becomes a challenge for organizations handling huge information and data flow on a daily basis. The only way such a task can be accomplished is by employing an Enterprise Content Storage system that is highly reliable, easy to integrate and and manage, and enterprise-wide compatible with a Varity of industry standard storage systems and solutions the organization may currently have at its various locations.

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