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 Best low-cost Enterprise NAS Server Storage system, and IP Storage using industries best performing SAS, SATA , SCSI and IDE ATA storage devices. IP NETWORK STORAGE

HYBRID CLOUD STORAGE APPLIANCE ... Unlimited Elastic data growth.

Private Cloud. Public Cloud. Virtualization kit offering all-in-one Solid state disk or combo HDD and solid state disk.              low price from $998.00

SAS. SATA ,  Enterprise NAS Storage system. Storage that Rocks!

Sample Photo: Model RA316  (please see product list for other models)

Enterprise storage server source for  NAS, SAN, SCSI,  iSCSI, IDE, Fibre-Channel, SATA and RAID 6 Storage servers and sub-systems should have all the necessary Network storage Appliances for local and  Remote data replication and Back-up with ease while ensuring that your data security is never compromised. Whether you are implementing iSCSI NAN, Fibre Channel SAN or Direct Attachment, your SAN Management, Security and Connectivity are  essential ingredients that should all be easy to implement without breaking emptying your bank account or going through hurdles to deploy. And this just explains while Cepoint Networks storage central is your typical partner and right choice.

Cepoint R-STORô  Rx and RA200 and 300 series NAS Storage systems offer Up to 48TB Storage in 2 or 3U Space and 60TB or more in 4 or 5U rack unit!  250TB in one array system. Big Savings. Secure IP. Remote access and data replication via worldwide web, Internet or LAN.  Easy DAS/NAS/SAN deployment. GUI RAID manager and many other features for less than most enterprise high cost and hard to manage storage systems! Compatible with major 3rd party vendor software and systems, including Veritas software, Computer Associates' BrightStor Back-up, EMC, Brocade and many others.. Cepoint   R-STORô SCSI-IDE or SATA  Rx or RA300 Series Rack mount RAID System. Flexible and Scalable modular system. Up to 6GB/s Data transfer rate! Two  iSCSI ports, 1 or 4Gb/s iSCSI or Fibre channel connectivity option.

  • Plug and Play        

  • RAID Level  0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD                                                                      

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) RAID Management

  • Auto-Sensing  SAS, Serial-ATA/ ATA-133  OR SCSI modules

  • Auto-Rebuild

  • Up to 6GB/s data transfer rate

  • Quality components

  • Remote management features

  • Reliable and maximum uptime

  • Operating system independent

  • Enterprise wide compatibility with industry standard storage appliances and equipment.

LEGACY RAID SYSTEM:                                                                                                         Preserver your IT data center investment and data while expanding your data storage neds.SCSI-Serial ATA Disk Arrays. SCSI RAID Performance with low-cost Serial-ATA drives 3U Profile, 16-drive SCSI to SATA or ATA/133 RAID Subsystem. High Performance Storage RAID Plug-and-play shared Raid array storage Server Sub-system, built to solve your Enterprise storage needs and, save you lots of cash and headache! R-STORô is built using  64-bit powerful RISC processor. This ensures 24 x7 continuous high performance, availability and reliability in high computing or mission-critical applications.                                                           Photo : (Model RA315)  shown. Other models of the same series may look different. For example model RA314H (not shown)  has horizontal drive layout and RA314V (below) has vertical drive layout.

(Photo: Model RA314V, 3.5TB NAS Solution)

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Our low cost and high performance storage arrays are best know for their reliability in mission-critical applications and environments where 24 x 7 real-time data access, data backup and recovery operations is a must. Even more, cepoint has the most cost effective and versatile choices in your storage integration requirements in the industry. Incorporating (TOE) Total Offload Engine networks and the new industry standard iSCSI protocols in our machines gives you unparallel performance in any clustering and high demand data flow environment.

  • OVERVIEW:   

  • Two Gigabit iSCSI-  Host Channels or SAS (serial SCSI) or SCSI

  • Two SCSI-320  host channels with up to 16 serial ATA (SATA)/ATA-133 drives in a single storage subsystem

  • Supports up to 150Gb/s 16 SATA  (Serial ATA )compatible hard disk drives or  16 PATA  (Parallel-ATA) compatible hard disk drives

  • SCSI- or SATA  controller architecture and performance features.

  • Multiple logical volumes and Drive with different RAID Level configurations

  • Dynamic sector repair, auto detection, auto rebuild, hot spare, and hot swap capability

  • Intelligent Drive Handling:

  • Auto sensing 150Gb/s SATA/ATA-133/ATA-100/ATA-66

  • Bootable BIOS support for greater fault tolerance

  • S.M A.R.T disk drive monitoring for reliability

  • Remote browser support with password for Network management of storage arrays

  • SMTP support for email/ pager notification

  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • RAID Levels:  RAID Levels support 0, 1,  5, 6, 10, 50 and JBOD

  • Highest capacity with  RAID 5 performance

  • Modular components:

  • Hot swappable Redundant power supply w/460 or 600 watts output power

  • Hot swappable cooling fans

  • Hot swappable drives. Redundant or hot spare

PLUG-and-PLAY RAID 5 Ready

Enclosure Fault Management

The operating status of different subsystem components, including the power supply units, fans, controller modules and disk drives; are monitored by the subsystem. An audible alarm, and LEDs and the RAID manager software can all serve to notify onsite users of component failure. Administrators can also be notified  remotely via e-mail, SNMP, pager, or a LAN broadcast.

 R-Stor Plug-and-Play with iSCSI and SAS features:CONTROLLERS

R-STORô plug-and-play raid array storage  subsystem has been designed to meet your current storage need and the ever growing hunger for more storage space for your enterprise. Todayís applications are faced with exponential storage growth, complex network infrastructures and tight budgets. Cepointís R-STORô storage sub system  allow you to boost storage and network capacity without adding management complexity. Comparing the low-cost and simplicity with other vendors complex and expensive systems will convince you that you have made the right choice by selecting R-STORô as the most cost saving and viable alternative. Cepointís clustering servers provide enterprise-class performance, reliability and scalability. Featuring cross-platform file sharing, seamless integration with popular management tools, extensive backup software support, hardware redundancy and advanced capabilities such as data replication and aggregation, Cepointís servers and storage systems will satisfy the demands of today's evolving and demanding enterprise environments without squeezing your companyís wallet dry.

(Photo: Model Rx524, 12TB NAS Solution)

Serving up your Enterprise application demands. R-Storís Transparent functionality ensures that your enterprise storage interoperability will help reduce cost and complexities associated with high availability in mission-critical applications requiring 24 x 7 uptime.

Whether you are implementing clustering using Oracle's 9i RAC (Real Application Clustering) or just shared array storage for high availability, R-Stor's easy-to-implement features makes this a snap. Advantages include: 1) Reduced cost of lost application Services due to unavailability uptime. 2) Increase data and system availability of applications. 3) Avoid extended downtime with implementation of clustering. 4) Easy scalability. Grow your Enterprise storage capability as the need increases.                             

R-Stor Rx/RA 200/300/400/and 500 series  SCSI-to-SATA RAID storage subsystems from Cepoint Networks combine the  cost-effective performance of SATA/ATA RAID with SCSI host connectivity at Ultra 160 SCSI performance without the high-end price. Additional features as iSCSI, FC-AL ports and Network TOE (Total Offload  Engines) increases the performance and reliability in a network storage clustering applications and environment.

R-STORô uses  PowerPC CPU, a powerful  64 bit RISC microprocessor that utilizes Ultra 320/160 SCSI performance feature set and so can deliver reliable, high-performance data protection to support mission critical, business applications on mid and high-range RAID subsystems.

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