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Cepoint  HADOOP. BIG DATA, High performance Cluster Servers. Open source linux and Open Object Storage

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HADOOP. BIG DATA. High performance CEP™ CLOUD Cluster Server …turnkey systems.

ENTERPRISE HIGH AVAILABILITY, High performance and very reliable Super Computing Solution for heterogeneous applications environment. INTEL Xeon Cluster servers and storage. AMD 64-bit Opteron & Intel Itanium and Xeon  64-bit Servers

Overview: Aapplication solution, features and benefits of CEPOINT ClOUD server system for High Availability  scientific and enterprise applications. A lot of times people get confused about “high availability” clustering and “Shared Storage” or “non-stop” services availability with Industrial grade high speed CPU processing or parallel processing, for Engineering & Scientific super computing.  Scientific Application Tools as MPI, MPICH, Intel  C++ Complier, Visual Fortran Complier,  Cloud and Virtualization Resource Manager and Infiniband , fibr-channel, iSCSI and Gigabit connectivity available both for LINUX,  FreeBSD, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE, Centos OS, Windows 2003 -64 Bit are available.

The purpose of CEPOINT Cloud hpc Servers is to provide high availability and fail resilient, blazing performance, super computing resources equal to a super computer performance level, but at far less cost and  ease of manageability, flexibility and scalability. Thus CEPOINT Cloud HPC and Virtual Machines as a whole acts as a single high performance, highly available Virtual Server or Super Computer for Unlimited data object scale out and growth, ensuring that in the event of a failure or disaster, clients and end users are transparently moved to a surviving cluster node without disruption. Clustering up to 42U or thousands of  process node turnkey systems, bare metal server or virtual server.


CEPOINT Cloud Server™ is a highly integrated super computing solution adopting  selected third party software vendors for highly scalable, high availability  and very reliable Enterprise application solutions.


CEPOINT  Cloud server architecture is an open, non- proprietary cluster system that is ideal for eliminating planned and unplanned downtime, and consolidate server management across the enterprise or campus.



CEPOINT  HPC Cluster servers  is an affordable, easy-to-use server clustering solution for campus level clustering, small businesses, branch offices or High speed computational processing.

High level Enterprise users who want to make applications highly available. CEPOINT  Cluster

Server can support from two-server cluster configurations,  scalable up to 32 server nodes , easily integrated with other Cepoint solutions and many other industry standard computing resources available with minimal training.


CEP Cluster Server supports heterogeneous computing environment such as Windows, Linux, HP/UX, Solaris, Unix and IBM AIX, and a  host of different Networks, Switches, SAN and NAS so resources and applications can be managed transparently across the enterprise. And automated action is taken to avoid failures or recover failed services quickly. 


CEPOINT Cloud  Storage  Server  is Ideal For:

HYBRID CLOUD, PRIVATE CLOUD or PUBLIC CLOUD  service providers who wants  to make applications highly available for their users regardless of data structures.


  Organizations managing availability of applications at campus and public settings and remote sites


Application Service Providers (ASPs) and similar organizations that must quickly and easily provide customers with the extra security of highly available applications


CEPOINT Turnkey Cluster System

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